Tomosynthesis – 3D Mammography

We’re proud to expand our service offerings to include tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography—the newest and most advanced technology in breast cancer detection.

An optional service for mammography patients, tomosynthesis can offer better visualization for radiologists who are helping certain groups of patients— particularly those with dense breasts. This improvement in visualization can result in fewer callbacks and, thus, less anxiety for patients.

This exam is performed at the same time as a traditional 2D mammogram; a second set of images is obtained to create a 3D image of the breast, allowing the radiologist to evaluate the breast tissue one “slice” at a time.

All women may benefit from tomosynthesis; however, there is increased benefit to women with dense breast tissue because dense breast tissue may look similar to cancer tissue. Fine details are more clearly visible on a 3D mammogram. With a 2D mammogram, details can be hidden by the tissue above and below. With 3D, those obstructions are minimized and breast abnormalities such as masses, distortion and asymmetric densities may be seen more clearly.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer tomosynthesis to our patients, but it’s important to remember that 2D digital mammography remains the gold standard for early detection and has been proven to reduce mortality from breast cancer in all age groups starting at age 40. There is no preparation for this exam.

This exam is performed ONLY at our North and Northeast locations.

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