Bone Densitometry

A bone density test, sometimes called a DEXA Scan, (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), is a bone density measurement that indicates how solid bones are and how strongly they are fortified by calcium. DEXA scanning can identify low bone density in patients at an early stage, enabling doctors to prescribe appropriate treatment before the condition worsens.

The Bone Density test is a simple procedure using a low dose of X-ray energy. The patient lies down on the scan table and two images are taken. Images of the lower spine and hips are most often used in checking for osteoporosis. The computer generates images of the region scanned. These images are then analyzed by the computer to obtain the bone mineral density value. Bone mineral measurements are highly correlated with bone strength and have been shown to reliably predict fractures and the status of osteoporosis.

No Calcium supplements 24 hours prior to study.
This examination will take approximately 15 minutes.
If the patient wears elastic waist pants/skirt he/she will likely not have to change into a gown.

This exam is performed at all our locations.

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